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Available classes at McKinstry Family Martial Arts

Kids Karate Class

Little Dragons

For Children Aged 3 – 6 years

Our Little Dragons  programme teaches not only Martial Arts in a fun environment, it teaches children to be good citizens and prepares them for adult life. 

There have been countless stories of how people have change ...

Family Karate


Karate for Families

Karate isn't just a fun way to get your heart pumping. It's also a great way to build family bonds, and our Martial Art Classes provide the perfect  opportunity to for all the family to share the many benefits of the Korean style of Ka ...

Beginners Karate


Classes for all ages and abilities

You dont need to be already fit, flexible or have any prior knowledge of the Martial Arts to try our beginners class, just be willing to learn and we will help you with the rest. You will be learning self-defence along with othe ...

McKinstry Family Martial Arts


We are a family-friendly Martial Arts school established over 10 years ago, operating from our own dedicated well-equipped premises in Ormskirk, we have numerous classes over three evenings per week and weekends.​

It doesn't matter in whichever level of Martial Arts training you, or your family participate in. Its a fact that our professional service focuses on assisting every student, new or not-so-new in achieving their own personal goals in our Martial Arts lessons.

Physical activity, especiallly Martial Arts training greatly reduces stress, improves
self-confidence and clarifies mental focus. Thereby guiding students to become the
best in what they do, whether that is education, or a profession.

At McKinstry Family Martial Arts you will be learning self-defence along with other great skills and as each week of training passes you’ll get fitter, stronger, leaner more flexible and gain the energy you thought you never had.

You can begin your Martial Arts journey by enrolling in one of our courses.
It's easier than you think and we include some incredible special introductory
bonuses to help get you started. Spaces are often limited due to there popularity so
it's often wise to act fast just in case.

We teach the dynamic exciting and effective Korean style of martial arts know as Soo Bahk Do a style similar to Karate though heavily influenced by indigenous Korean and also Chinese martial arts. Our school is great for Kids, Families and Adults to train and learn great new skills in a friendly safe environment free from intimidation (though not free from hard work)!​


We understand everyone has their own reasons for trying the Martial Arts for themselves or child - we have a free guide to both our Family Classes and Little Dragons classes you can get here along with details of exclusive online offers;

McKinstry Family Martial Arts Guide to Family Class and Exclusive online offer

McKinstry Family Martial Arts Little Dragons Free Guide and exclusive online offer

​Mckinstry Family Martial Arts is Officially Recognised by the International Governing Body for our style - The World Moo Duk Kwan


McKinstry Family Martial Arts

What Others Say About Us

A really friendly, supportive group with excellent teaching. It's been great to see my son grow in confidence, in all sorts of ways. Highly recommended!

Sarah Jasmon

Both my boys love going and have great fun and have also learnt loads to help them with challenges they might face in the future through training and homework given�

Louise Rawstrone

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