A Great place for families and friends to train together
We are a family-friendly, family-run Martial Arts school established in 2009, operating from our own dedicated well-equipped premises in on the Burscough Ringtail Industrial Estate near Ormskirk, we have numerous classes over three evenings per week and weekends.

We have classes for all ages and abilities through our Little Dragons programme for the 3-6yr old group and our excellently managed Family, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes that cater for all other age groups.

We have our own superbly equipped studio with the very best safety training floor. We have all the equipment needed to ensure we can deliver the very best training in a safe clean friendly environment.

Our Mission
We are are dedicated, positive and supportive people who work within our 12 points of culture to ensure that all who come into contact with us benefit from the experience and move closer to becoming the best version of themselves.
We are in the business of health and education. We educate all who come into contact with us to be healthy and aware of their own potential. Our service to our students is of the highest quality professional and delivered with enthusiasm and commitment.
Our students will have the desire to take on the help that we can give them and return our commitment to them with the highest commitment to us.
They will be forward thinking, energetic and enthusiastic people who demand the best and in return give the best.
Our uniqueness is our desire to make the martial arts available to family’s young people and old   alike and help all our students their develop indomitable spirit and freedom through training and education helping them to achieve a happy healthy life balance and self-confidence they never knew they had.
    Our Culture
 1. Commitment - The Chief Instructor is committed to the staff, volunteers and students, giving the best instruction and facilities possible. Total commitment is required from all instructors to the school and its student’s development.
 2. Balance and equality - our teaching ensures balance between students so that everyone is treated equally and encouraged to develop at their own pace.
 3. Professionalism - To treat all students and customers in a courteous and respectful manner. To always teach every class in the best possible way.
 4. Fun - To have fun and always enjoy what we do. To see the light side in all situations.
 5. Teamwork  -  we are all here to work together to be the best we can be through our Martial Arts training we will always work to give the best Martial Arts instruction and the best student service possible. Our students are invited to always encourage each other.
 6. Inclusion - To make sure every student feels a part of the lessons and the school. Everyone is treated equally so they feel a part of the team.
 7. Motivation  - To be a motivator to oneself and to others. To encourage self-belief in others so they can achieve any task or problem set before them.
 8. Loyalty - We all have the best interests of the students and school in mind, in all of our dealings. Students are expected to talk of the school in a positive manner and any issues should be communicated quickly to a staff member.
9. Dedication and Heart - Our students are dedicated individuals who have the willpower and perseverance (heart) to stick to their goals. They are committed to making positive improvements to themselves through continued training.
10. Work Ethic - To ensure everyone does the best they can; first time and every time.
11. Positive - Everyone faces their tasks and training with a “yes I can” spirit. We all strive to find the good things in any negative situation and remain motivated throughout.
12. Friendly and supportive - we support all our students throughout their  martial arts and self - devopment journey in a friendly manner with the right mix of support and motivation deliverd in a friendly positive manner.
Culture for all
All those interacting within the school are expected to be positive, enthusiastic and conscious of their role in helping to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement, engendering a ‘can do’ spirit in all.
Instructors should be treated with respect by all, at all times, as they are there to help.
Students and parents of young students should be treated with respect by all, at all times, as they are there to learn and facilitate the learning of younger students.
The instructors, parents and students that come into our school do not gossip about other students, parents or instructors at any time.
The instructors, parents and students that come into our school do not carry bad feeling towards others within the school.
Any complaints shall be dealt with using the school’s complaints procedure, a copy of which is available from reception.
Equipment used and worn in the school will be subject to inspection and approval by the chief instructor before use.
All Instructors and students alike will adhere to dress codes within the school.
Cleanliness is a pre requisite for training in our school. Personal hygiene standards are expected to be high and uniforms are also expected to be clean at the beginning of all classes. Smelly uniforms and smelly bodies are an offence to others around us and show a lack of respect.
Instructors, students and parents of students in our school are positive, enthusiastic, caring individuals that combine to make our school a centre for enjoyment and development in our community.

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