Blitz Avenger Bag Gloves


Blitz Avenger Gloves

  • Padded knuckles and thumb for extra protection
  • Open palm design for ventilation and natural grip
  • Velcro wrap-around wrist strap for precise fit

Nama Hide leather (perfect for the bag workouts we want to introduce in class), MMA sparring and semi-professional tournaments, the incredibly compact and lightweight Blitz Avenger MMA Sparring Gloves offer the ultimate shock absorption against the hardest impact.

The knuckles and thumb feature additional padding for extra protection and the ergonomic finger loops provide a very comfortable fit.

The open palm design allows for ventilation and a natural grip when needed so could be worn throughout a class as all techniques can be practiced whilst wearing these versatile gloves.

The wrap-around wrist support strap with two adjustable Velcro sections also provide a secure and precise fit, without any movement.

Easy to wipe clean before and after use. Nama Hide™ leather.