Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Equinoxes and solstices mark key stages in the astronomical cycle of the Earth. The March equinox has long been celebrated as a time of rebirth in the Northern Hemisphere. Many cultures celebrate spring festivals like Easter, Holi, Ramadan, Māgha Pūjā and Passover.

Among Neo-Pagans, biannual equinox cleanings are sometimes performed at the onset of spring and autumn, to symbolize beginning a new cycle with a clean spiritual slate.

Practically speaking Spring is the best time of year for cleansing the mind the body and spirit “out with the old and in with the new” – a time to synchronise with nature and renew ourselves and our environment.

At this time of year, you may be taking the time to clean out your living space, pack up winter gear, and prepare for the warmer climate. You may also be thinking of dusting the house and opening some windows to let a breath of fresh air through the house. These are all great things to plan as you prepare to transition from winter to spring.

In springtime we can see rebirth and growth in our natural surroundings that encourages us to mentally renew ourselves.

This is also a great time for personal transformation take this as an opportunity to assess where you are in your day-to-day routines and mindsets and decide what is working and what’s not. Once you create this awareness, you can replace the routines and mindsets that no longer serve you with routines and habits that support a refreshed version of yourself.

To help you on your way, here are some tips and tools to identify, assess, and let go of old mindsets and make room for new ones that will support positive changes in your life.

1. Pause and Reflect.

You need to set aside time and a space to do this and it is not selfish to have some time and a personal space - as it is so very important to be intentional about this given how our lives are so much played out in “too-busy mode”.

This is not the same as to make time for yourself and the things you love to do (as important as that is).

What we need to achieve in is to get into a deeper state of self-awareness, you’ll want to set aside time without distractions—to detach from the nonstop electronic and social demands on daily life.

Switch off the phone, Tablet, Computer, Radio. When you are at the mercy of notifications, it means you are living according to someone else’s agenda.

When you detach from these things, you oversee your time.

Along with dedicating the time, find a space where you feel comfortable, motivated, or inspired. The start of Spring is a great time use the outdoors as that space. Being in nature has the bonus of allowing you to ground yourself and reconnect to yourself.


2. Take Stock.

Now that you have the time and space for yourself, start to take stock of where you are in life. Ask yourself:

·       What is working in my life, and not?

·       What could I improve?

·       What do I really want?

·       What may be holding me back from that which I really want?

As you go through these questions, consider any roadblocks that are keeping you from being where you want to be. Do not be afraid to be honest with yourself in identifying where those roadblocks are coming from—whether externally or within your own state of mind. Often the things that hold us back are our own fears or doubts, such as:

·       Lack of self-worth

·       Lack of confidence

·       Lack of motivation

·       Feeling overwhelmed

·       Fear of failure

·       Fear of commitment to yourself

·       Fear of rejection

·       Lack of patience

·       Fear of asking for help.

Make a list of the all the things that you would like to work on and another list of all the things that you perceive that hold you back your full potential.

3. Set Your Intention

Setting your intention is the practice of conscious action in your life. Your intention can help to guide your every action as you move through your days, so the outcome is not left up to chance.

Then, write out steps for how you’ll get there or draw out a map of how you’ll achieve the new state of yourself.

Now create the schedule of all things you need to do to achieve what you set out to do and make these activities an integral part of life and thus new positive habits.

Make sure to reference your plan regularly to ensure your actions are aligned with your intention and leading you to your goals.

4. Stay Positive.

Do not try to do it all at once “chunk it down” so it’s manageable.

During your journey, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, or in a progress plateau. Remember not to beat yourself up when this happens. Setbacks are a normal part of the process.

Instead, take a deep breath, relax, and give yourself a minute to pull out your journal and write down all the progress you have made and the things that you are grateful for. When you highlight the things that you appreciate in life, it allows you to gain perspective and to create positive energy.

However, if you find yourself in a negative downward spiral, write down your negative thoughts and self-talk patterns. For each negative thing you say about yourself, you must write down two positive and constructive thoughts related to it.

To create more positive thinking and actions in your life, immerse yourself in inspirational activities read the same in books, listen to positive podcasts, and take some time out in nature.

5. Take Care of Your Body

It is your vehicle you ride in throughout your life its only logical that you keep it in the best condition possible.

It may seem that when it comes to refreshing your mindset all focus should be within your mind, but it is important to not overlook your body.

Any personal endeavour requires a balance between nurturing your mind and engaging your body. When too much focus is placed on one and not the other, the imbalance is cause for distraction from your intent.

If you talk to any karate or jiu-jitsu fighter and they will tell you that martial arts are the best thing you can do for the balance between your body and mind.

Martial Artist’s do not only approach your health from just the physical, but they also condition your mind and your spirit.

6. Martial Arts helps you centre.

Through the uniqueness of martial arts training, practitioners can learn how to quickly clear their mind and reach a state that will allow them to function to their best abilities.

We understand that a person who is calm and focused is usually much more effective than the one that’s distracted and stressed.

This rule is valid outside of the martial arts school as well! If you calm your mind, you can be quicker and more efficient in accomplishing your tasks no matter if at school, in college, at work or at home—all that thanks to being more centred.

7. Karate makes you more balanced.

When our body does not work as a cohesive purposeful unit, we feel off-balance in mind and spirit as well as in the physical sense

The martial arts teach our body, mind, and spirit to function as one. Since martial arts such as Karate make us learn to understand the way your body moves, you will develop better spatial intelligence and become more conscious about how your body functions. This results in more effective movements and a better understanding of oneself.


8. Martial Arts training helps you cope with Life’s ups and downs.

All the moves and fighting principles you learn and practice in class will help in all aspects of life, not just in a self-defence or tournament scenario.

There are different ways you can approach stress: you can react and be disappointed and angry at yourself and others and completely shut down mentally or you can respond be calm and patient, learn from this experience and come out a better person.

This is a difference between getting punched in the face and deflecting the punch and use the opponent’s momentum to your advantage.

So, if you want to take up a physical activity that trains the body, mind and spirit, head to our Karate School and sign up for some martial arts classes and we will bring you a world of physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

9. Next Steps.

As you go forward to refresh your mindset for spring, remember that the most important thing you can do is to start your practice—even if it is just one small step—and keep at it one day at a time.

Training in the Martial Arts ultimately helps with your overall wellbeing and mental health.

It has an innate wisdom that after adequate practice, you and/or your child can start to do things you never thought you could do.

Once you have discovered your solutions this motivates you in a hugely positive manner and will spur you on to achieve more and will certainly give you a huge boost and get rid of all your frustrations.

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Iain McKinstry