We are 10 years old today

We are 10 years old today

I remember this day in 2009 well, it was coming up to 7pm - myself and my wife Jill were anxiously waiting in the Woodley park centre in Skelmersdale hoping that someone would turn up to our very first martial arts class.

Only 2 people turned up we went ahead with the class anyway and we never saw them again.

It wasn't a great start to our new venture, however we had the belief we could succeed and persevered, the week after we had 4 members, the week after 5.

It was slow progress however we were moving forward.

The club slowly grew and moved in and out of a number of venues in Skelmersdale including Glenburn sports college and the Ecumenical centre.

In 2010 we started Saturday morning classes in Ormskirk, the room we used was in the Park Pool centre it was small and painted in lurid green. Because it was on the first floor above a swimming pool the room was like a sauna, it had an air conditioning unit that couldn't cope and would constantly drip water so much so we had have a bucket in the middle of the training floor to collect it. Nevertheless we gained 30 new students in next to no time.

We opened a Sunday class in Burscough sports and racquet club shortly after which proved equally popular.

So we were growing and teaching in 3 different towns all in a 5 mile radius Skelmersdale, Ormskirk and Burscough all of our equipment was transported in our Little Vauxhall combo van.

In 2014 we took the big step of leasing a building that has become our Dojang we chose the location to be relatively central to all the locations we had been teaching in order to not loose any students, we succeeded and 5 years on we celebrate our 10th anniversary with over 100 students and our own fantastic Martial Arts studio.

It hasn't been easy to get here but that makes it so much more worthwhile. Here's hoping to another decade of serving our current and future students having great classes, celebrating your achievements and growth

Here's a big thank you to all our students past and present along with everyone who has helped us along the way, we couldn't have got here without you.

McKinstry Family Martial Arts studio is located at 2 Osprey Place Burscough Industrial estate L40 8TG.

Programmes include Family Martial Arts training, Little Dragons for 3-6yrs and Ladies only Kickboxing.

There is over 20yrs of Instructor experience in the club.