What our Little Dragons class offers

Kids Karate Class

Little Dragons

For Children Aged 3 – 6 years

Our Little Dragons  programme teaches not only Martial Arts in a fun environment, it teaches children to be good citizens and prepares them for adult life. Our life skills "mat Chats" and homework handouts  in safety and life skills will aid them in becoming well-rounded individuals resulting in developing their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills.

During these specially designed classes your child will:

  • Learn to share
  • Build fundamental motor skills
  • Develop self-esteem

Also Independence skills such as:

  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Acting respectfully and taking turns
  • Showing self-control
  • Increasing awareness of body and space
  • Demonstrating responsibility
  • Developing speech and language
  • Problem solving
  • Promoting physical strength
  • Encouraging socialisation
  • Stimulating curiosity
  • Developing a love of learning and Promoting coordination and stamina

 Little Dragons Classes are run on Thursday Evenings at 18:30 and Saturday Mornings at 09:00 and are 45 mins long.