What our MK Self Defence Fitness Institute class offers

Martial Arts, Self Defence, Fitness, Adult

MK Self Defence Fitness Institute

For Adults and teenagers 14+ years

These classes are a great way to learn an effective self defence system in a safe and supportive environment.

We do not just teach easy to learn techniques that will give you the ability to physically defend yourself, but also on avoiding conflict.

The training will also increase your fitness, strength and stamina often overlooked but a key component of self-defence.

It is a great way to tone up and get in your best shape ever and is a good cardio and strength work out.

You will also improve your flexibility, balance, posture, coordination, and general well-being.

Suitable for 14 years upwards

No prior martial arts training is required.  All exercises are scalable for all fitness levels classes are active and fun and a great place to make new friends.

Not only will you get fitter and stronger, but you will also become increase your self-confidence.


We will teach you how to defend yourself against all manner of threats. You will train in a safe, friendly, and supportive space. The class is specifically structured around the threats and risks in a variety of different scenarios.


We are a team of experienced instructors and are friendly and approachable and whilst the training is serious you will also have fun.