Available classes at McKinstry Family Martial Arts

Find out more below about the three age groups we offer classes for.

Kids Karate Class

Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons class is specifically for the 4-8 year old group and is focused on developing discipline, respect and self control in a fun active class. It helps children build confidence develop socially and responsibly whilst improving physical prowess, co-ordination, balance and fitness. Children not only learn new mar ...

Family Karate


Karate isn't just a fun way to get your heart pumping. It's also a great way to build family bonds, and our Martial Art Classes provide the perfect  opportunity to for all the family to share the many benefits of the Korean style of Karate known as Soo Bahk Do taught at our school.

It's quite rare to fi ...

Beginners Karate


You dont need to be already fit, flexible or have any prior knowledge of the Martial Arts to try our beginners class, just be willing to learn and we will help you with the rest. You will be learning self-defence along with other great skills and as each week of training passes you’ll get fitter, stronger, lea ...