Terms and conditions

WE offer every new prospective member a free trial class in order for them to evaluate our services.

Free uniform offer is subject to students signing up and making initial payment for one of our programmes.

Provision of our service is subject to payment of our published fees and conduct in accordance with the standards laid out in our safeguarding and federation members handbooks (all available on request). In certain circumstances we have the right to decline requests for membership - a full written explanation will be provided on request. Breach of safeguarding and federation rules or non payment will result in our cancelling your membership.

Intial payment (joining fee) is payable by cash or card subesequent tution fees are collected at a discounted rate for either payment by direct debit on the 1st or 15th of the following month or by one of our annual discount rates.

Each billing cycle assumes an equal number of four weeks per calander month thus direct debit collection amounts do not vary. Therefore each member only pays for 48 weeks of 52 week year - this allows for school closures during holiday periods and student voluntary absences. There is no tie in contract to monthly payment scheme - if you require to cancel your agreement a 30 day notice period is requested - if you have paid for an annual discounted cash out no refund is given.

Opening over bank holiday weekends is at the owners discretion.

Every endevour will be undertaken by us to provide you with the highest quality of lesson content on a regular basis - unforseen circumstances such as weather, equipment failure, adverse weather conditions and/or illness may lead to lesson cancellations we will give you as much notice as feasibly possibly in such circumstances.

Undertaking training in Martial Arts is a very rewarding activity with many benefits however you should  seek medical advice before taking part in any physical activity. There are certain inherent risks in undertaking Martial Arts training - we minimise these risks to you however your safety is also your responsibilty in following instruction and using only the approved/supplied equipment.

Any student who wishes to be graded by our governing body - the UK Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation must pay a membership fee payable annually to that entity currently £25 per person.

Grading fees are seperate to tution fees and are payable to McKinstry Family Martial Arts one week in advance of gradings ( with the exception of Dan level fees which are payable to our governing body). Gradings are once every 3 months each student will be evaluated for preparedness for grading by the Chief Instructor of McKinstry Family Martial Arts and advised if they are eligible to proceed, progression is encouraged but not guaranteed.

Current Grading Fees

Little Dragons £10

Soo Bahk Do £25 single with £10 for every additional family member

Dan Grading fees - please enquire

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